About us

Way back in the 1980’s, I had a summer job where I helped the local community college design brochures.  This was back before computers made it easy.  I also had work experience as a typesetter for a poster company.  I attribute these experiences and my ability to earn a Bachelor of Science degree (1991) to why it was relatively easy for me almost three decades later to become self-taught at web design and development. 

I am an Air Force veteran.  When I was fresh out of college, I served a short term as a commissioned Air Traffic Control officer.  This was during the downsizing of military bases. Less bases meant less need for as many Air Traffic Control officers, so I resigned my commission.

I chose this business because when I was helping my husband to market his dental lab, I realized I really enjoyed building websites. As a result, I have built over a dozen websites for friends and family. 

I currently spend my free time reading, learning, and writing books about what I have discovered to overcome my health challenges.  My author page can be found at  CyndiWhatif.com. My newly released book (2023) can be found at HealthBackwards.com.


A Website Designing and Development Company located in Alvin, Texas. 

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